Need of AIDLMS (Animal Identification & Life Cycle Management System)

  • The necessity for proof of ownership and identification.
  • Keepers to maintain records of origin, identity and destination of animals.
  • up-to-date record of all Animal's births, deaths, movements, treatment, vaccination, castration, Pregnancy, Insemination, accident and others information with dates.
  • By collecting Secure, authentic & Real-time data ( with the help of PDA ) one can get correct statistical analysis and on time information which helps to take decision making.
  • To provide proper and timely treatment to the cattle with health related case history.
  • improving management, sales of breeding animals and genetic improvement.
  • Constructed data will help to achieve goal for better breed , more productivity which helps for better production.


  • Enable Automatic Identification & Data Collection (Contactless)
  • Identification performed in milliseconds
    • No line of sight required
    • Contactless
    • Works in a harsh environment
    • No human error involved
  • Avoid Error at data collection & Reduce Handling Mistakes (No human intervention)
  • Able to write data on tag (RFID tags have high data capacity and can include manufacturer, batch no., ownership, destination, history etc.)
  • Can read multiple item simultaneously
  • Avoid Manipulation / Tamperproof
  • Avoid missing data for Important decision

Objective of AIDLMS
  • To develop core animal life cycle management system which provides accumulate information about animal life cycle like :
    • AI ( Artificial Insemination )
    • PD ( Pregnancy Diagnosis )
    • Calving
    • Vaccination / Treatment
    • castration
    • Milking Record maintenance
    • Stock Inventory
    • Laboratory
    • VO / Field Staff Daily visit log
  • To improve animal's health, its fertility and productivity.
  • Apportion of Secure & Permanent IDentification.

Proposed System Overview

  • After analyzing the problem we designed an unique solution which contains:
    • User friendly software (web based)
    • Indigenous electronic device with Software (PDA) for field officer
  • Provided RFID base tag (Ear Tag External Tag / Internal Tag Injectable Tag)for animal identification.

Proposed System Flow

Beneficiaries of the system

  • Dairy Management
  • Co-operative societies
  • Cattle Owner
  • Government
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks

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