An integrated suite of business applications, which closely links, monitors, and controls primary enterprise resources like manpower, machine, material, methods, market and money.


  • Global process/ Product management
  • Integrated Supply Chain Management
  • Leverage purchasing and vendor management
  • Order cycle time/ customer service improvement
  • Inventory reductions
  • Reduced information systems costs on an ongoing basis
  • Improved business management through worldwide integration and information

Key Area of ERP

  • Eliminate costs and inefficiencies
  • Low cost ownership
  • Extend your business using the internet
  • Enhance productivity, customer satisfaction, flexibility and control
  • Embrace superior technology
  • Leverage IT infrastructure and information assets and more

1) Account

Complete Accounting system maintains all financial year wise transactions. Helps in generating different types of vouchers such as Credit, Debit note, Journals, Internal Transfer, etc.,. Calculation of TDS VAT while making a payment by parties.


  • Configuration
  • Voucher
  • Bank Book
  • General Expense
  • Payment Settlement
  • Statements &Reports
  • Cash Book
  • Purchase

2) Purchase

Manage procurement, organize and maintain detailed vendor information, maintain a bid matrix, request for quote and comparison of the same, create purchase orders or generate POs from planned orders, manage requisitions and RFQS, and receive and inspect vendor shipments.


  • Inspection Request
  • Configuration
  • Purchase
  • Rate Comparison
  • IOW

3) Sales

Provide quotes and estimates to customers and automatically convert quotes to sales orders. Easily create new items (and associated bills of material and routings), copy and modify existing items, or quickly configure an item on-the-fly. Opportunity Management: Manage the complete sales cycle from prospect to customer. Track sales opportunities and maintain a complete history of activities, tasks, documents, e-mails, etc. Report on sales funnel and opportunity progress. Order processing: Enter and maintain complex sales orders or create a sales order directly from a quote and create new items, bills of material and routings on-the-fly, maintain price matrices, and ship finished product.


  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Configuration


Account Accounts Taxations Banking Loans Costing
Purchase Comparison &Order Procurement Sub Contract Import
Sales Marketing Pricing Opportunity Order Process Export
Store Product Stores Logistics Asset Management Internal Branch
Production Production Process Excise Lab Testing
HR Human Resources Recruitment Payroll Work Flow Individual Calendar
CRM Contact Book Marketing Campaign Maintenance &Services Mail Management Customer Support
On Demand Customization Quality Corporate Services Security &Utility Analytics

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