Inventory Management or we can call it as stock management is a best control method which allows you to organize and manage your financial aspects. Inventory Management helps providing a good understanding ground and the capacity to control your financial costs. Good inventory management system helps you a great deal.

  • To Find and track down all the processing data's in an inventory system repository.
  • Define a procedure by which assets are identified and maintained in the Inventory System.
  • Provide all necessary personnel (data entry, update and deletion).
  • Complete range of reports that will satisfy informational requirements.

Solution Outline

  • Import data into application (Importing DATA from the .excel or .csv)
  • Design 2D barcode template and Printing Barcode
  • Every Item In-ward item is tag by barcode and rfid.
  • Generate dispatch advised before transfer to out-ward.
  • Trace the every in-ward and our-ward
  • Every out-ward item track by RFID Reader
  • System buzzering on every unauthorized out-ward.

Proposed Solution

Solution is divided in three different Phases:
  • Tags all the Items with Barcode and RFID
  • Track each and every Inventory with the help of proposed system automatically through PDA, Integrated Reader and RFID Gates.
  • Centralize Data Storage, Reports and Analysis

Our Proposed System features are as under:
  • Fully Automatic &Authentic System
  • Inventory Commitment.
  • Barcode Printing.
  • Audit Trail for Inventory Adjustments.
  • Stock/Inventory Transfer.
  • Barcode + RFID + Wi-Fi (Online / Offline Processing)
  • Importing data from Existing System
  • According to logged data, system will generate many statistical reports.
  • By OLAP system created 3 Dimensional Analytics
  • History Management
  • Data Archive Facility
  • Synchronization facility with PDA
  • Smart Graphical User Interface to represent location wise real-time inventory tracking information
  • User Friendly PDA software Application

Proposed Business Process Model

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