Dispatch is the refinement of the scheduling process and relates to the real-time control of all generation and transmission resources that are being used and/or are available to meet Demand requirements. The dispatch process recognises the operational priorities of safety, Security and economy. Dispatch aims to match demand with generation on a second by second basis, whilst maintaining tie-line flow schedules and adequate levels of operating reserve. The dispatch process also manages real-time fluctuations in system demand and the output of generators and system disturbances such as generation trips or transmission contingencies.

In somewhat simple terms, a Dispatch Tracking System might record and responses to:
  • What (what thing or material?)
  • Where (Customer's address?)
  • Task or operation (what work was done?) (with respect to Dispatch Advice &Delivery Challan)
  • Who (who did the work?)
  • Duration (how long did it take them?)
  • Output (how much materials were dispatched?)

Solution Outline

  • Import data into application (Importing DATA from the existing system )
    • Requesting all Work Order
    • Requesting all dispatch department information
  • Design 2D barcode template and Printing Barcode
  • Every finished goods is tagged by the barcode as well as RFID Tag during packing of finished goods.
  • Generate dispatch advised before transfer to dispatch.
  • Schedule dispatch delivery and management
  • Prepare delivery challan on final dispatch; by scanning identify right goods for final delivery.
  • Dispatch manager can verify the every goods by the delivery challan and dispatch advised.
  • Last checking done by the security person
  • After Final Security Check Remove RFID Tag by Security Person
  • System will manage log, archive log, OLAP execution for all analysis and statistics.


  • Complete real-time information about Dispatch
  • Fast and accurate dispatching
  • Up-to-date Information available
  • Comprehensive Cost Management
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Paging

Proposed Solution

Solution is divided in three different Phases:
  • Tags all the Items with Barcode
  • Track Dispatch process with the help of proposed system automatically through PDA
  • Centralize Data Storage, Reports and Analysis
Our Proposed System features are as under:
  • Fully Automatic &Authentic System
  • Barcode + GPRS (Online / Offline Processing)
  • Importing data from Existing System
  • According to logged data, system will generate many statistical reports.
  • By OLAP system created 3 Dimensional Analytics
  • History Management
  • Data Archive Facility
  • Synchronization facility with Handheld Smartcard tracker
  • Smart Graphical User Interface to represent location wise real-time inventory tracking information
  • User Friendly PDA software Application

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