Parking management refers to policies and programs that result in more efficient use of parking resources.

Parking is an essential component of the transportation system. Vehicles must park at every destination. Management - available facilities are used inefficiently and should be better managed.



  • The efficiency of management can be improved
  • Optimum and full utilization of the parking slots
  • Simple and monitor
  • Better the time management
  • Increase in accuracy and staff productivity
  • Stress-free pleasurable parking for customers
  • When the RFID Tagged vehicle enter in to the entry gate, it will be recorded in the controller computer.
  • If any vehicle has not rfid tag the guest rfid tag is provided to them so, security will become tight.
  • Generates reports on peak hour traffic pattern, average parking time, parking time by user, exception reports etc. Improved safety
  • Video surveillance(monitoring) for the security purpose.
  • There is no chance of duplication because RFID Tag is unique.
  • Easy to integrate / install

Flow Chart of Proposed System

Proposed System Architecture

Intended Audiences of the proposed System

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